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and the tap progressively diminishes from the time it is first heard
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then united by fine sutures, and as they subsequently healed by
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with a fistula in ano, which had been operated upon at his own
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drinks from 10 to 16 pints of water in the twenty-four hours,
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several floors, and three elevators, two electric and one hydraulic,
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(Fig. 1). This illustrates roughly what occurs in a spine afflicted
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publication for want of that support which it should have
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symptoms are said to be prevented. It should be remembered,
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research play the larger and therapeutics the lesser part. The out-
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is not static, but must be reevaluated as conditions in each
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him in our service, and, as we hope, for many years to come, a
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morning of the 14th he ate his breakfast of which neither meat
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than the average. Ask your attending physician to afford the compress
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Marion Shelley Fink, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Dermatology.
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other continuing copyright permission to copy or quote with
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absorbed. These attacks of embolism may occur during preg-
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of bark along a country road, the sleigh upset falling against him
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pus by eruption into the bronchse, (2) Infrarenal abscess, limited
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every where. "With only a few exceptions, politicians are wholly engrossed by politica
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under the term " shock of the heart," describes cases of rup-
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patient would suddenly complain that he was unable to go any
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came to think like each other it was the result of external circum-
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Lesion D — Poliomyelitis, acute or chronic, "idiopathic" spinal muscular atrophy, amyo-
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tenable. Amongst other objections he states that the cicatrix
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the primary examination was made more or less practical, yet
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attended your operations, show that you possess in an eminent
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seeking an internist, with or without a subspecialty interest,
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to the aging population, but we are requesting that
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Murphy, Edward Lee, s, a, w, sp, Boise, Idaho. A.B. (U. of Utah) '24.
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while in the upper part it was bronchial in charac-
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from the containers whose shells held placenta alone or serum alone.
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epoch in his division at the year 1869, we must not suppose
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