Martin Edward Hanke, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Physiological Chemistry.

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(58%) were returned. Tests were positive in 167 (11.5%)

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Fifteen patients also received cyclophosphamide and

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Golden, Maurice Joe, w, sp, Chicago. A.B. (Northwestern U.) '29.

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Wickwire, Ethel, a, w, Angola, Ind. Ph.D. (Columbia U.) '21.

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action. Hypercalcemia was present in three patients,

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recourse to only twice in the treatment of seven cases of convul-

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to our fellow physicians, to our patients, and to the

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as cancer tissue, is subjected to the action of pregnancy serum, or

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lent benefits, unlimited earnings and a fulfilling practice offered.

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but is contradicted by experimental observation. Digestion proceeds

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sible care at a lower cost and a lower rate of increase

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consisting of General/Family Medicine, General Surgery,

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The next paper is a contribution to the etiology of epilepsy,

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if there is much drainage. Rubber tubing with a longitudinal split

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measures are gradually being introduced into all the States

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clause of his will, and of the handsome sums of money which

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Drainage Tubes. — Straight and curved glass tubes of different

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dress changes and phone numbers will not be included in this Update; however, they will be changed in Membership records.

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2. Rabinowitz JG, Farmen J, et al: Giant sigmoid diverticulum. AJR

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physicians or experienced emergency physicians. Directorship

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alveolar Echinococcus in man.] [Russian text] <Vestnik Khir., Mosk., v. 2,

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of the tympanic cavity be affected, it is necessary

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6th. — Patient continued to get weaker and died at 9 p. m.

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l'ombilic, chez une chienne. [Read 23 oct. 1880] <Ibidem, pp. 304-306.

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sac over lower and middle lobe and pleura covered with thick

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As to the action on the digestive system, it tends to increase

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of oxygen by reason of their great affinity for that gas, in diph-

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Cole, William Leon, a, w, sp, Tahlequah, Okla. B.S. (Northeastern State Teachers'

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though the case was at a very inconvenient distance, may be apparent

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Of course these remarks" are based on the report of the in-

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Composition of tonal effects in an anatomical or surgical picture is