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DuANE, William, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Physics and Research Fellow of

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cent.; second phase, 13.8 per cent.; third phase, fourth phase, 80.0 per cent.

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calomel purgative, to be followed by a seidlitz powder.

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the salvage of high undescended testes. Ausl N Zeal Surg J 1946;80:

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paigning for AMA elective offices. It requested the

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Dean L. Rider, M.D., Clinical Associate in Surgery.

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time within the past fifty years the leading minds in the profession

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peau du cheval < Rec. de mem. et obs. s. l'hyg. et la med. vet. mil., Par. (1866),

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Meyer J. Steinberg, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Medicine.

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members on the Governing Board, but the four colleges have