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1892 a.— Idem. [Reviewed] <Deutsche Med.-Ztg., Berl., v. 13 (42), 26. Mai,
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Silton, Maurice Zolman, s, a, w, sp, Dover, N.H. B.S. (Harvard U.) '28.
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heart-tonics, often to its detriment, while the lungs, which may really
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we have much more yet to learn of this important part of the
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assisted thereby by the fact that in a neighbouring bed a woman
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1884 a. — Researches of the intracellular digestion of invertebrates. [Transl. of
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shape we shall never know what, even with the aid of the microscope.
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M. H., oet. 52. — Stomach. — The cardiac orifice is blocked
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However, this book may be regarded as a national work, and
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[Note: — Sec. Ufi, Chap. 119, of the Public Statutes,
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markedly widened. In certain of the vessels there was a slight
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per cent.; second phase, 15.6 per cent.; third phase, fourth phase, 66.2 per cent.
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as well as the other brands of occult blood detecting
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mation is not sufficient to predict with confidence the effects of concurrent treatment, especially in
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of the frontal lobes, and the same is seen in small quantities upon
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exist between the lymphatic vessels of the two sides of the
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He tells us that in the year 1868, an epidemic carried off 25
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syncratic reactions Blood dyscrasias have been reported in
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clusions not be drawn until all of the returns are in.
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dictory, and full of mixed motives and confusion as