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pany, under the restriction not to sell the same for ten years,
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no matter how feebly, the prognosis is more favorable.
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Acute Rheumatism. — The effects of saUcylic acid and sali-
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early morning of Saturday, Sept. 29th, after an illness of only
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For the present the course may be for either one or two years. Applicants must be
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Sickness — Strong hiccup — Stomach-ache with bad digestion —
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the fact that we have to deal with a diffuse suppurative hepatitis.
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due to the great dilution in which radium was found, one might say ;
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(1905 c). — Apercu sur l'heredite dans les maladies a protozoaires <Ass. frany.
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Among the many interesting points in connection with this
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I will conclude by expressing my convictions, that if bigotry,
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should be immediately amputated. The captain gave me to under-
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1903 a. — Removal of tapeworm. [Letter to editor] <Med. World, Phila., v. 21
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with carbolic acid and oil (1-20). Remained all night and
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ing, jaundice, haematemesis or melena; that they do not occur at a
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Hotel, Madison. Co-Sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation of
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positive and one (7%) of 14 culture-negative speci-
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5. Maat B, Oosterlee J, Spaas JAJ, et al: Dissemination of tumor cells
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1827 a.— Idem. [Reviewed] <Isis (Oken), Jena (6), pp. 491-507. [W .]
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yarious ways the effects of over-work and strain on the heart.
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County transfers will be included when processing has been completed by the Membership Department.
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She required constant watching, as she was disposed to inflict
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easily that they seem in his hands very simple; in fact, too simple,
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Table 1 — The renal manifestations of multiple myeloma
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fact. Hitherto nothing approaching to certainty has been
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less of their asepsis — far more so than in America.
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Heubner, of Leipzig, and Prof. G. Huguenin, of Zurich. —
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cccipito-posterior presentation of the head. After 11 hours of
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cal department of Trinity College. For several years while
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should not consider it entitled to the least notice,
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James Herbert Mitchell, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology.
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schr., Bannov., v. 12 (29), 16. Juli, p. 292. [W a , \V n, .|
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creased by 30%. Reas noted “these vast fluctuations
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1905 b. — La syphilis expenmentale <Arch. gen. de nu'd.. Par., an. 82, v. 195, l or
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