•H. Reineking, Surg., Gyncec. and Obstet., Dec, 1909.

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College <Am. Vet. Rev., N.Y.,v. 24 (12), Mar., pp. 896-905. [Vv . W , W .j

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better results than the multiple punctiform scarification recom-

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1891 g. — Tricocephalus depressiusculus. [Abstract of 1892 a] <Semaine med.,

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M. D., Professor Toxicology and Clinical Chemistry;

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Second observation, six weeks later: Pulse-pressure, 76. First phase, 28.9

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degrees, while the axillary temperature either remained stationary

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^^T^'ifi^^taK" 1 . Cong, med.de toutes les nations, Bologne, L869,

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and usually the patient's expectation of and readi-

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Clinic, a progressive cluster corporation of 28 physicians. Excel-

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reappeared, and was treated in the same way. In this way it

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forceps. In that way haemorrhage can be avoided, with far

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patient lay on his back, with the thigh rotated outwards, and the

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PROCARDIA alone with low doses ot fentanyl, in other surgical procedures, or with other narcotic

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1 For details see special Bulletin of Courses in Otology and Laryngology for Graduate Students in Mcdi-

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six-sided tablets with pointed ends. Pondered and rubbed up

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Gronert 15 feels is most likely “. . . due to inability

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1906 b.— Idem. [Reviewed by F. Mesnil] <Bull. de l'lnst. Pasteur, Par., v. 4

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monary complaint, and had never had any symptoms of hepatic

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uterus. When the membranes are very thick and bulky, they

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—{Inaug, Diss. Strasshurg, 1877, and Centrablatt f. d..

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difficult to estimate from a study of the literature.

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at the knee and two at the shoulder ; also two cases in which he

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ber of the team and asked in a nonthreatening way if

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to feel ^ dopy,' I thought it was time for a new compress."

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work days per vaccinee. This can hardly be regarded

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lesions suggesting that precipitation of Bence Jones

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attended the most interesting subject was an abstract of a paper by


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1906 a. — Colique filarienne chez la femme <Lanterne med., Par., v. 1 (1), l er

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a gastrojejunostomy in fifteen minutes, and completed the entire

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Formed two years ago by the Rodale Press, publisher of Prevention Magazine, the PMS describes itself as

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advise against the use of silk, as it is apt to lead