Modie, Paul Gregory, sp, Barnesville, Ohio. A.B. (Marietta C.) '25; S.B. (West Vir-

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1906 a. — Idem. [Reviewed by J. Girard] <Bull. de l'lnst. Pasteur, Par., v. 4

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be willing at a future day to resume his duties as a Trustee.]

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Phelps, McKinnie Lee, w, sp, Monmouth. B.S. (Monmouth C.) '29.

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is it right to continue the administration boldly ? Most emphati-

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about them the lung tissue is hepatized. Another, also large,

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process is in the anterior horns of the spinal gray matter. One might

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region, and found a hard thickened cord in the middle of the

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“For an elegant night of Italian dining. ” —Prof Herbert Kubly, Milwaukee Journal writer

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Emmet Blackburn Bay, S.B., M.D., Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine.

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The whole of the subclavian is obliterated, and no radial pulse

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of the State Medical Society, if in Wisconsin: 1-800-362-9080

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middle and lower parts of the face. Complete recovery ensued.

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recreations, communicable diseases, and first aid. Admission to this course is limited to

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suitable course of study to examine men for their license.

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A minor course in laboratory work is a course occupying 10 hours a week for one-half a quarter, of

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assume, for the purpose of the present case, that, as the husband is the head

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on ovariotomy, and comphmented Dr. Robillard on his lucid

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half obliterated by dense laminae of fibrin. The right pneumo-

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was less, and the odor of his breath had almost gone. The sixth week

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and, owing to the progressive emaciation, bulging of the lower

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The following gentlemen having been duly proposed and

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sutures were put in the lower part of the incision. The wound