of the Hospital to enquire into the origin of the endemic, but

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1899 a. — Some observations on the Echinococcus disease, especially as related to

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eyes, and found that the left disc was atrophic and pearly white,

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use a blood-alcohol level of between .01 and .05 as

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to the number of cases of fever, some of which were typhus,

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reported is easily explained by the stasis of the blood which is

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The stage of eruption lasted only two and a half days, and the

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hour later he was suffering great pain and there was slight swelling

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of the disease of children is scanty, this is of endless value.

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C. S. was greater than the C. W. three weeks before death, after the

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censure, and they have on all occasions been but very slightly

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in this paper. The various theories as to the cause of

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On Monday the 24th of September last, Mrs. F., Ontario

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venient visiting list yet published, and although many others

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graphy and the paper are alike excellent. We heartily

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noticed that the respiration had ceased. The patient was pulled

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Winter: General Medicine with special reference to diseases of the alimentary

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mations associated with benzodiazepine use during the

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mania as is the chaste female who does not break the moral law.

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Commonwealth, embraced a tract of land measuring eighty-

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this most terrible of diseases, even this exception will no longer be

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than 30oz. were evaporated during that time, and about two

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and full, much blood escaping from them in the removal of the

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power of the exhauster. In the earlier experiments which were

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in the diarrhoea and vomiting of children with high fever. In

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20. Lazarus HM, Gottfried MR, Herzig RH, et al: Veno-occlusive dis-

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