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their religion teaches them to offer no insult to any man, to give

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successful, he complied with a request to bring his wife again to the surgeon for

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instructions for taming horses, and the art of horsemanship. 144 pp., figs. 16°.

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scheduling programs in conflict with others. Hospitals, Clinics, Specialty Societies, and Medical Schools are

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original virulence, due probably to an attenuation of the bacillic

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in every mouth, and carried out to the full by each succeeding

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oil enema. The paroxysms continued to recur at short inter-

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dilated by the atropine than before the operation. If, however,

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country from his native city — Dublin. He was a man of great

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oesophagus, the stomach, the small and large intestines and the rectum.

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(1905 b). — Idem <Gior. mod. r. esercito [etc.], Roma, v. 5:3. pp. 269-278. [W m .]

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1901 a. — Strongylus armatus in a colt ^Veterinarian, Lond. (878), v. 74, 4. s. (554),

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tions have an ethical responsibility to all of the sick

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In individual cases, no doubt, some other drug may be substituted

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priced in Waukesha County near expressway. Info: call 414/

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six months in prison without trial, becoming insane after having

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Mount Sinai Hospital, July 21, 1911, with the diagnosis of pyelitis, which had

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Henri Victor Regnault and Antoine Cesar Becquerel, both

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patches of false membrane by the increase of the secretion of

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that the author manifestly cannot understand, as indeed it was

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viding quality healthcare. Inquiry should be directed to RAPA,

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that physicians should be very much responsible for