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graduated from Rush Medical College, Chicago, 1L, in 1935

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1979, and was an instructor of medical technology at Mar-

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impossible. Dr. Warren adopted the novel method of pressure

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sity of having the proceedings of the annual meetings published,

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well known the blood of women in the puerperal condition is

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Queen, Greenville Burton, sp, Louisa, Ky. A.B. (Stanford U.) '29.

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in Ophthalmoscopy ^ arranged for the use of Students.

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hospital for the reception of lunatics and other sick persons."'

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signs of hyperthyroidism and elevations of the free

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entitled to the lasting gratitude of the institution and of the

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tals now in use, and the last chapter gives a general view of the

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Has had frequent sensations of flashes of light passing in front

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1825 a. — Observation d'une paraplegic produite par des hydatides (acephalo-

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and mounted on his horse for parade, asked " Guffee^'' his right-hand

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plates were obtained. Immediately after X-ray examination the bladder was

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fluid ounces of water, for easy administration. — Medical and