County Hospital. Two hours a week for one term. .lMj. Autumn, Winter, and Spring
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careful regulations should be enjoined as to habits of life, avoid-
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As to the ointment, it consisted at the first of twenty grains
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facilities for the examination and treatment of out-patients. The laboratories of the
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calcification having taken place in bundles of the muscle fibres.
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larly or intravenously, into patients suffering with various forms of
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(88), v. 8, Apr., pp. 227-230; (149), n. s. (89), May, pp. 325-326. [W a , W m .]
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more than two years, there was distinct inability to empty the bladder
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After the reading and confirmation of the minutes of the last
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(1) support establishment of a joint venture law for
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was apparently too much, though they had been able to bear the
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Mrs Robin (Launa) Carter, Monticello; Mrs Donna Hirsch,
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tion. Similar chills recurred, he says, with great regularity,
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who has returned to full-time teaching, research, and
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obliged first to be sent to the common jail before the asylum, replied that
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Ccecum. — The inflammation about it is most intense, and tho
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course of time the indulgence in the constant use of opiates has
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but as more than a third part of the vitreous humour was lost,
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and applied, and the medical profession has not only made discoveries
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for medical help, as in cases of intoxication and delirium. When
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physicians serving a population of 120,000. Unlimited
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treatment. Dr. Douglas Powell agreed with Dr. Barclay as to
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may certainly be closed upon and held by the rapidly contract-
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At the request then of Dr. Rodger, whose case it was, I pro-
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bladder, giving rise to considerable bladder irritation. This
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Infirmary in a dying state. This presents a remarkable
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is at least astonishing and very gratifying. Equally striking results
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peculiar whitish-yellow areas, very often of an irregular folia-
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1893 a. — Intorno ai supposti parassiti del cancro. Nota preliminare <TRiforma
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surface to the right of the longitudinal fissure is involved in the
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new growths, in lupus, epithelioma, &c., and the infiltration of
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inactivity. The attempt at dietetic regulation of any kind for old
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Goldberg, Harry Charles, s, a, w, Perth Amboy, N.J. B.S. (Rutgers U.) '28.
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to find a single cell of the cord remaining intact.
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not have been super-added on a membrane already studded with
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though not given by the parents as the cause of the disease, was