to eat certain amounts the patient begins to gain in weight. It is a
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which meets weekly for the presentation of the research work of members of the Depart-
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fied in extending the operation to remove and overcome them. But such is not
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Samuel A. Leader, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Medicine.
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end of the range of positive results noted in other
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Case 70. — Female, aged 38 years. Pulse-pressure, 38. First phase, 34.2 per
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was the first meeting of the Profession of this Province under
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cussed this subject at some length. He incidentally referred to a type
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flex the thumb since. The hand has continued in this condi-
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cases, the state the nerve should be observed. —London Medi-
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contingency fee system to be a major factor in caus-
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very well. The next morning on visiting her I found that she
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cious treatment. Failing this the disease, for such it is, being
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coat. There is no inflammation about the ulcer, but it and the
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(Read before the Medico-Chirurgical Society of Montreal.)
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e) A satisfactory examination on the work taken for the degree.
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consin, the State Medical Society in February called
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following: — One child with a supernumerary finger on each
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other continuing copyright permission to copy or quote with
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third the primary lesion was in the gall bladder. The latter, a
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as it is not to be expected that the president will take the wind
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invariably means excessive dosage. Overdosage, together with the
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and the faults inseparable from its attempt to present
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1885 c. — Treatment of trichinosis. [Abstract of 1885 a] <Med. News, Phila.
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Hoerr, Normand Louis, s, w, Peoria. A.B. (Johns Hopkins U.) '23.
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the opportunity for embellishing and improving by walks,
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