and valuable one from Dr. Lee, describing minutely the system

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clerkships in the out-patient departments. Prerequisite: 6 majors in clinical depart-

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ing such statements. For instance, the word recidive instead of

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1884 a. — Researches of the intracellular digestion of invertebrates. [Transl. of

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induration of the fibrous partitions separating the muscular

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1905 a. — Infezioni protozoarie negli animali domestici in Eritrea. (Piroplasmosie

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adopted. Sanitary questions are of such importance to the

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April 23rd, 1877, the " McGill Medical Society " was formed,

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been dislocated backwards, behind the external condyle. The

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with postoperative mortality in >33% of involved

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than the rapidity with which the wounds closed in both instances,

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bleeding sites in two patients when the first site was

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ffi^t kidney, the left being sarcomatous, and containing a

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cisco Hilton Hotel, San Francisco. Approved 16 credit hours

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1903 a. — Guests and parasites of the burrowing bee Halictus <Biol. Bull., Lan-

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occurred, although in about 20 percent of the cases

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given to the special anatomic details in relation to

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shire, Dr. Goodell, Mr. Lawson Tait, Dr. G. H. Bixby and Dr.

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The same treatment continued till July 7th. The wound ia

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there is practically no expansion of the lung and its functions

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both arms are still very weak and he is partially paralyzed in his left

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Dec. 1. — ^The patient was delirious; pulse very full; treatment,

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ment, and his appetite became really ravenous. Convalescence went

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repeat — ^not to await the establishment of heart enfeeblement with

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This work is a valuable contribution to the annals of practical

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Milwaukee. Born Jan 8, 1902 in Houston, Texas, Doctor Light

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Goodman and Howell ^**'^^ have made the most noteworthy con-

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In the Aanales de Ciencias Medicas, for April, Dr. Carlos

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at Northampton, Massachusetts, and from it we learn that

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such treatment should begin is when pain completely subsides, and not

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Richard Klatte Schmitt, A.B., Assistant in Pharmacology.

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Massachusetts. [Pages 38 to 44 (inclusive) of the History

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