From a general developmental standpoint it may be deduced

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thickness. At the posterior part of the floor only a thin membrane

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because it is right, content to let the reward come when it will.

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interesting Medical History of the Country. Then commences

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tended to cluster the minimum interval of 30 days set

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believes the absence of this phase indicates a slowing of the blood

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internist, OB/GYN, and pediatrician. Reply to Allen Meyer,

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and disappeared coincidently with all sounds, absent fourth and fifth

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Knives are sterilized by being kept in a 10 per cent, lysol solution.

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of medical work, the fifth year consisting of an acceptable service as an interne in a

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the temperature was 991^, and the pulse 103. The boy was

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during pregnancy there is an excess of fibrin in the blood, and

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Case 185. — Female, aged about 70 years. First observation: Pulse-pressure,

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muscles or of the use of muscles after inaction, or of actual starva-

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14i/i. — Pulse 120 ; respirations 40 ; temperature 99.6°.

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intention, owing to a want of plasticity of the exudation between

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When one considers perinephritic abscess in general, it would

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on the occasion of the one-hundredth anniversary of the

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of their sentimentalism, in fact, such men should be, as I have

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patients. Elderlv or debilitated patients: 15 mg recom-

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Dec. 15th. — This was the last meeting before the Christmas

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needs of two classes — one for medical students and research workers,

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its president in 1966 and was on the Board of Direc-

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so long will each province claim its right of legislating in

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1882 f. — Sur une affection epileptiforme et contagieuso observoe chez le chien,

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101. Physiology of the Human Body. — An introductory and elementary course

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is included in the first section of this article. In section II. the

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Botsford, seconded by Dr. Workman, and unanimously carried.

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1903 a.— Mosquitoes < Agric. News, Barbados, v. 2 (23), Feb. 28, p. 72. [W a .]

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testes is important for eventual fertility and since

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Medicine Department. Info: Daria Heyn, OTR, Rehabilitation