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of a patient of alleged maltreatment, and requested the appoint-

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medicine including obstetrics. For complete practice, hos-

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Mj. Summer, Steen and Assistants; Mj. Winter, Bensley, Bloom, Steen, S. H.

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OCTOBER 16-18, 1984 (Hawaii): Primary Medical Care of

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and fibrous. Nearly the whole of the lower lobe is in a condi-

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tion of the rates, upon legal grounds, stated in City Document

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John Frank Waugh, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Dermatology.

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(1876-79), an. 9 (171), v. 2, l er mai, p. 132. [W a .]

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manifestations of a similar underlying abnormality,

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"■ 3. The designation of such experts by the court upon nomination

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so many basic principles and scientific facts that the profession itself

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resignation before the hospital board, as also that sent in to the

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lungs. — Amyloid degeneration of spleen^ liver, and mucous

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had heard of no cases of puerperal, cerebral emboliam, though

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11., 196 pp., 129 figs., 1 pi., 6 figs. 8°. Oxford. [\Y ; .]

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and promise. This service is usually rendered in the department in which the student

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incorporated as the College of Physicians and Surgeons of that

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nervous organization, in labour with her first child. She was

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Phoenicians, Greeks and Egyptians possessed or constructed

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be unobjectionable to the court or judge, he shall be designated. If

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The position requires an MD, B/C-B/E in a primary care

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to do so : it tends to invalidate his opinion. The following is a sample