peculiar, although I have no reason to think it has, but certainly
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the test of insanity proposed by the judges is sufficient in all
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Physician, the Pharmacist and the student. By Richard
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Anatomy of Vertebrates), Pathogenic Bacteriology (General Bacteriology), Physiology
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advance in keeping with general progress. ISTew laws are enacted, but
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Spring: General Medicine with special reference to gastro-intestinal diseases.
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filr. Marked oscillation of the pupils. Passes urine and faeces
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cartilage and upper three rings of the trachea, and was thus
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Summer: General Medicine with special reference to diseases of the blood, duct-
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first the operation was performed, he was troubled for a time by
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may assume that if it never had a beginning, and did not con-
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granular'surface, interspersed here and there with haemorrhages,
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office of the Health Service for physical and medical examination during the third week
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past year. The X-ray laboratory, to which an entire wing is de-
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William Simkin, M.D., Clinical Associate in Medicine.
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tubercles, though, with the exception of the large masses on the
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samples of their sugar-coated phosphorus pills. These are most
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tion. Some physicians have not made the identifica-
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quently attended the medical classes at McGill, where he was
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cellular fibrils had taken the silver stain deeply.
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close under the ribs, at which point the blood had burst into the
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every hour and replaced with dry ones. Can retain his food
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Wyld, one of the most prominent of the practitioners calling
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probably of a gummatous nature, had been rapidly formed in
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Rep., Lond. (1896), n. s., v. 25, pp. 93-106. [W m .]
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point was not recorded, the fifth point was zero but once out of six
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suggest or nominate the expert, his acceptance being subject to the
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Case 155. — Female, aged 50 years. First observation: Pulse-pressure, 36.
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kills the victim. Whatever the horrible cow disease may be, it seems
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or bestial, of love that is not only uncalculating,
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chief exciting cause was mental suffering which injured the vital
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the following were the causes : — Three, perforation of typhoid
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Rectum empty and sphincter ani closed. Commencing at the
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But Jafle had shown that indigogen is formed in the urine of
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Maude Hall Winnett, M.D., Clinical Associate in Medicine.
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than English (German or French preferred) ; this knowledge is tested by an examination
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TM Loescher, MD, 2520 Crestview Dr, Appleton, WI 54915;
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assisted thereby by the fact that in a neighbouring bed a woman
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