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paper read before Soc. med. d. hopitaux, Par., 29 dec. 1905] <Presse med.,

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The general character of the growth and the absence of any

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J. W., set. 62. Died 18 hours after admission. Heart. —

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Migoli, Ulisse. [Dr., Ex Pro-Asst., Osp. di S. Orsola, Bologna.]

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scripts. Contact 414/673-2288 am or 414/786-9302 pm.

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Health costs: “Talkers and doers” . . . Tidings of

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Second observation, six weeks later: Pulse-prossure, 31. No phases.

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Many attorneys do not, or will not, realize that such medical men

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I may mention that the post-mortems are performed under

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for several months according to the type of operation.'*

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1905 a. — Amoebic dysentery: Irrigation of colon through opening in caecum <De-

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3B. Clinic and Conference Course at the Cook County Hospital. — Topics: Au-

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The gut was almost sloughing. The colon was adherent to the