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ooze still went on. A portion of membrane which had been
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disease in the different organs, of latent morbid changes, a
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consult with their physician for further management.
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spective mechanism assert that this method is neces-
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On admission to the Senior Colleges, each student specializing in the Department
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fluid through which numerous white flocculi are scattered. The
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wegian Medical Association, a member of the La Crosse County
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Graduate Honor Scholarships. — Scholarships are assigned to students who have
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Harry Alvin Oberhelman, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery.
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Miller, Frank II. [D. V. S., Vet., Westminster Kennel Club, New York.]
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body. Its distinct advantage is that the Council is a
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and slight arteriosclerosis the third phase was absent. In a case of
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cases occur which do not present this classical type. In these cases
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increased, incorporating the advances in our knowl-
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further cases of puerperal fever occurred. — Archiv.fur Giynd-
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and that those practitioners who happened to have this kind of
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man in the jail of Sherbrooke, awaiting trial for having shot and
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possible to determine the precise seat of the most intense
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communities all over the state. In that respect it is
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the cost of medical liability on that total medical bill.
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tained the consent of my colleagues, I ligatcd the femoral artery
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Gerlache de Gomery [etc.], Zoologie.) [Published 20 oct.] [W s .]
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tions for Board certified or qualified general internists.
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conscious condition, the convulsions recurring at longer and
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must here remark that if a lack of interest was displayed bj the
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to the graduate or undergraduate student in any division of the University who pre-
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should be hammered and fitted for use by the convicts in
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tesis or sclerotherapy are considered for a pleural
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Jannary 4, 1818. Several plans were received by the Board ;
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he also pays a high tribute to the humanizing influenec of
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November 15, 1818. The Visiting Committee were directed