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The Gustavus F. Swift Fellowship in Chemistry, endowed by Mrs. Gustavus F.

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Canada School of Medicine, which that year became the medi-

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demonstrate by experiments upon the secretion of urea, tempe-

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1898 a. — Statistique sur la gale enzootique du mouton <Tbidem, v. 49, 5. s.,

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its place on the consulting-room table. It should never be out

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Second observation, two weeks later: Pulse-pressure, 55. First phase, 27.2

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cine, " Sur le traitement du ver solitaire par la fougere male, etc." <Rev. med.

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of certain photo-chemical changes in the retina is now no longer

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Michigan. Licensed to practice in Wisconsin in 1967,

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Paper on a case of " Acute Necrosis ot the Femur complicated with

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tients. transient hypotension m about 5%, palpitation m about 2% and syncope in about 0 5%

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in cost than is being achieved today. Organized med-

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mother country hold no status in some of the provinces of this

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First Phase. — Fischer ^> " noted the fact that in cases of very