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Twenty-five dollars was voted in aid of a patient who has

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Board of Trustees’ report on activities since June

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ing with eligibility for Medicaid. Many states are try-

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result in a saving of both life and treasure. Millions of dollars

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is left to the discretion of the patient; mandatory

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metabolism in cancer; hypercalcemic nephropathy. Chapter 12, page

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we may add, become again pregnant, as sometimes happens

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small 'pneumonic area in right, Extensive diphtheritic Colitis.

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the left hand strongly suggested neuritis. The increased patellar

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to support raising Wisconsin’s legal age for pur-

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the vague knight-errantry of thought which lies chronicled in

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is thought necessary that you should be fully acquainted with

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There was shortening of the limb of 2|- inches by measure-

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production among the vertebrates. Prerequisite: Zoology 205, 220 or equivalent. Mj.

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"possessed with a devil"; and, when asked what remedial

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■city. His family history, as far as could be ascertained, is good.

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valuable as a reference and will stimulate study of

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read oct. 11, 1873] <Compt. rend. Soc. de biol., Par. (1873), v. 25, 5. s., v. 5,

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blood had found its way into the duodenum and stomach.

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Typhoid Ulceration and Perforation. — Of seven autopsies

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1901 f.— Basal corpuscles in connection with cilia. [Abstract of 1904 e] <J. Roy.

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Michael Higgins Ebert, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology.

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Arthur Dean Bevan, A.M., M.D., Clinical Professor and Chairman of the Depart-

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(1902 a). — [Case of aplu.sia from malarial infection.] [Russian text] <Vrach. Gaz.,

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and bleached by the action of light, does not resume its red colour

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ment, — saying, " I understand you — yes, yes ; the man

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Johnson, Philip O. C, a, w, sp, Watford City, N.D. A.B. (St. Olaf C.) '28.

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(incapacitated, largely or wholly bedridden, or confined to wheelchair, little or no self-care) □ In patients treated with Zorprin for rheumatoid arthritis and

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of chloride of zinc. — Le Bordeaux Medicale^ July 31st. —

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weeks, months, or years over the matter ; he has worked with eye, hand,