The instruction is given in the form of an introductory course, a clerkship in the

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gology residency completed at University Hospitals,


The diagnosis of meningococcal disease is absolutely

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Third observation, made at the end of a series of carbonated brine baths:

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Stomach and duodenal cases should be placed in the sitting-

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8. Certificate of merit — Require the attorney filing

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0.5 per cent, phenol. Freezing does not affect it, but it is destroyed

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wire cuirass. Dr. Sayre laid great stress on careful dressing

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these positions receive their board and lodging and acquire experience in practical

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of Embryology); these courses include both Gross and Microscopic Anatomy; 1 6 majors

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in patients who remain symptomatic despite adequate doses of beta blockers and or organic nitrates

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and eight pints of fluid were evacuated by tapping. She had.

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sections. May include the histogenesis of bone. Prerequisite: Histology and Zool-

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ations performed, as has been suggested by Sieverts. 4

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fulfilled the Examiner will send a list of deficiencies to the student.

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and diseases of the eye. The sum of $9,500 is available annually.

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from a man who had died from a severe burn, the immeaiate

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sion of the placenta, in which event the physician accoucheur is

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responsibility of the entire publication. The Editorial Director is responsible for Editorials. In Editorials, official positions of the Society will be

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1905 a] <J. Roy. Micr. Soc, Lond. (4), Aug., p. 451. [W a , W m , W c .]

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in some degTee the older brace and plaster- jacket treatment, but there

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1891] <Compt. rend. Soc de biol., Par., v. 43, 9. s., v. 3 (38), l er Jan., p. 874.

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in March 1984 to fill an additional position for Dis-

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operator, but believed in the supreme importance of after treat-

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that at least one-third of these curable cases were cases of

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partum. It is not well understood, and for this very reason we desired

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A part of the work with which we think practitioners should

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made to pass through them for eighteen or twenty minutes. It

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Vet. Rev., N. Y., v. 4, June, pp. 98-99. [W a , W m .]

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lymph-spaces ; hence he infers that the diffusion took place

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Case 21 was that of a male, aged 57 years, in whom dilation had

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increased angina in a setting ol beta blocker withdrawal and PROCARDIA initiation It is important

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From the Center for Health Systems Research and Analysis, Uni-