permanent magnet at hand. I introduced it into the wound.

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in the above unique case could have come from unless they had

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In Chapter IV. the author discusses the subject of the

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the first observation the fourth point was absent and the second phase

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mortality was 3.5 per cent, less than diiring the previous ten years at

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interstitial changes, rather than cast formation, cor-

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text, they are named wrongly in the list of illustra-

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8. Histopathology and Bacteriology of the Skin. — A practical laboratory course

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hum of voices quite precluded the chance of its being heard.

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program and clinic. Experience in sports medicine re-

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could be adequately treated with shorter lengths of

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Under these circumstances another operation is imperative, because, if

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reported in Knapp's work on Intraocular Growths. It was a

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piratory diseases with special reference to tuberculosis. Autumn and Spring. W., S.,

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in time I should get another attack, which is more than probable,

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placenta and, by means of the polariscope, showed a splitting of the

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perience in medical group practice administration to

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The patient was seventeen years old and lived with his father on a farm.

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drug be ultimately entirely discontinued, or given only at intervals of

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Indications: Effective in all types of insomnia charac-

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found to be due to a pedunculated polypus growing from the

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recovered from the first attack, bore two more children, and

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in his preface that, as the paper originally appeared " the typo-

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Peripheral edema: Mild lo moderate peripheral edema, typically associated with arterial vaso-

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1879 p.— Idem. [Abstract] <Areh. vet., Par., v. 4 (5), 10 mars, pp. 180-181.

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cannon-ball. In the one case complete obliteration of the artery

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elicited by the article in our last, entitled, ''Popery and Pig-Sties;

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six feet six inches on Washington, formerly Marlborough

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given off by the mother substances, much like an electric volume is

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Her weight, in the Visiting Committee's records, is stated

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and thirty-seven pages of new matter have been added, extend-

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