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By EARL THAYER, Secretary /BERNIE MARONEY, Assistant Secretary

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MAY 1-4, 1984: 7th Annual Symposium on Cardiac Rehabil-

normal coumadin inr range

and the Lieutenant-Governor, visited the Hospital. They were

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(Fig. 2). A piece of thin flannel is cut to the same pattern, but

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issue is due July 20. Send copy to: Wisconsin Medical Journal, Box 1109, Madison, Wisconsin 53701; or phone

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MAY 3-4, 1984: Wisconsin Chapter: American Academy of

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The coagulation being excited by the great pressure on the

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slowly I introduced a soft rubber catheter through the canula,

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ical Association. Surviving are his widow, Ges; three sons, Dr

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operations, as well as prostatectomies. Dr. Beckman's hobby is

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The effective work of the wrongdoer is manifest in the court-

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1878 e. — Sur une larve d'cestre trouvee dans l'un des pedoncules cerebraux chez

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Case 138. — Male, aged 47 years. Pulse-pressure, 36. First phase, 2.7 per

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[Read 26 sept.] <Ibidem (1887), v. 16, 2. pt., pp. 1030-1031. [W» W .]

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Let me give you an example of what our united labour does.

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(incapacitated, largely or wholly bedridden, or confined to wheelchair, little or no self-care) □ In patients treated with Zorprin for rheumatoid arthritis and

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Thomas W. Ward, re-elected 1832 and declined serving.

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he had seen it of a specific gravity of 1020 ; of variety of

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Wagner, Harold Clifford, s, a, w, Minneapolis, Minn. S.B. (Massachusetts Inst, of

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ance, are firm to the touch, not encapsuled, and extend to the

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General medicine; Spring: General medicine. Limited to 10 students. Tu., F., 11:00-

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To the thoughtful among you the speculative aspect of mod-

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