suffered from that period were owing to the syphilitic taint. I

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level about $100,000 plus other incentives. To explore opportun-

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Meddlemore, Richard. [M. R. 0. S., Surg., Birmingham Eye Infirmary.]

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Fourth observation, one month later : Pulse-pressure, 68. First phase, 14.7

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the side of the healthy ovary. Thus, if the left ovary be enlar-

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active duty in World War II. He was past chairman of the

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In-house data processing is available from many sources.

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1731 a. — A worm voided by urine. [Same as 1G78 a] <Phil. Tr., Abridged, Lond.

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Departmental prerequisites. — (1) An examination on the fundamentals of Zoology

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America. Mr. Lane is best, far best, when he is operating. Then

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add the acid. Almost immediately a healing action commenced.

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severe, which lasted between three and four days, during

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available. The ideal screening test must be inexpen-

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' condition began a year ago. Has felt neuralgic pains at times

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scrupulous adherence to rules, of which the propriety is

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directions fully carried out. There is such a fear and horror of

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three questions before proposing a legislative thrust.

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2. Satisfactory completion of a written, practical, and oral examination covering

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Medical and Surgical Reporter for April 6th, appears a letter

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much the case with text-books in general. The use of chemical

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the cyst presented curious projections, some of which were pro-

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Jones, William Elbert, a, w, sp, Little Rock, Ark. S.B. (Little Rock C.) '28.

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Medical Faculty was read by the Dean, George W. Campbell,

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callings ; with one it has been the influence of a friend ; with

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1879 a. — Hydatids of the abdomen opening into the lungs. [Read in 1849] <Tr.

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1878a. — Case of hydatid disease Austral. Pract., Sydney, Melbourne, Ade-

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Saint-Etienne <Ann. Soc. de med. de St.-Etienne et de la Loire (1880), v. 7,

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with his Bachelor’s degree and from the University of Chicago

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from performance of military duty certain officers of the Hos-

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responsibility the judge, the jury, and the medical witnesses

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those of spare build, and, while he has never been of that habit of body,

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the 73 percent solution, it is decomjxjsed by heat.

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as well as the final responsibility of the entire publication The Editorial Director is responsible for Editorials In Editorials, official positions

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