upon various unknown processes (spinal progressive muscular atrophy

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The other chapters are on tumours, gun-shot wounds, and

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during those years. In spite of these limitations, the

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The system we have followed heretofore was good but incomplete.

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furnished by Mr. William Anderson, Professor of Surgery and

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Letters of regret at not being able to attend the meeting were

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bral distress, which often follows upon the use of salts of quinia,

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shape, with the long axis perpendicular (t. e., assuming the body to

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limb with the same. The instruments and sponges were made

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very weak. A large, firm, lobulated tumour was felt in the right

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with a special 32-inch rectal tube with an electric

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medicine. Winter and Spring. Limited to 10 students. W., Sat., 9:00-11:00. 48 hours.

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the former was darker, more greyish in colour, and the conti-

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Ch. Murray, ^l.D., ('76), has passed the rrimary Examina-

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in agony, and the muscles of the arms and the legs are drawn up in

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made by incapable artists is, I believe, widespread. I wish it were

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Contrary to all expectation, the pain and paresis of the right

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nancy, with death in all, of course. At that time Dr. Barnes

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— and the intestine rebels against a double onslaught by a catarrhal

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day the calf was tender and swollen, but not the foot, and the

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comparative anatomy, instead of botany ; and I have been

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practitioner, but on this occasion it is one of our junior members.

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of physicians around the writer these doses are too small, and

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Weigert-Pal stain of human cord ; anterior horn, showing complete disap-

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Doctor Weese is from the Departments of Surgery and Human On-

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