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President, Mr. Callender, exhibited some specimens of the

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follow that of the AM A Style Book and Editorial Manual.

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Per set: Cloth, $15.00 net; half morocco, $17.00 net.

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Bland, Leland James, sp, Vandalia, Mo. A.B. (U. of Missouri) '28.

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1885 a. — Abscess of the liver, with Echinococci; recovery <Med. Rec, N. Y.

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Dairy Division: Ed. H. Webster, chief; C. B. Lane, assistant chief.

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are now under construction and will adjoin the Albert Merritt Billings Hospital on the

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PRECAUTIONS General: Hypotension Because PROCARDIA decreases peripheral vascular

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rature, the force of the muscles, and the tension of the arteries,

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breathe, it was lost. About one-half hour later the second child was born. It