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be located in Wisconsin, or you have any questions, you may
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indicated on the label. We commend these preparations to our
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sponsibilities, will involve coordinating the promo-
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probably had an old lesion of tuberculosis well encapsulated, but in the
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outcome status over time. Med Care 1978; 16:984-994.
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elevated digoxm levels, it is recommended that digoxm levels be monitored when initiating, adjust-
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Ever since he has been gradually getting w^eaker and losing
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1906 c. — Eradication of yellow fever in Havana. [Review of 1906 a] <J. Trop.
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of the Clinic for 15 years before he retired in 1981. He was a
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Smith, Jacob, a, w, sp, Medford, Mass. A.B. (Harvard U.) '27.
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years a series of cases have been under my observation in which rather
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aspirin to be released in acidic solutions, whereas. Zorprin releases the maiority of its aspirin (90%) in a zero-order mode at
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overlapped the sterno-mastoid muscles. It was elastic to the
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Professor of Surgery, McGill University; Surgeon to the
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gauze diaphragm and pushed into the funnel to the full depth of
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no lymph nor any signs of inflammation. The attachment of
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few drops of blood coming just after the urine passed. Two weeks
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remaining solid portion of tumour was still too large to be drawn
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1835 a. — A treatise on the diseases of the eye and its appendages, v. 2, x+844-f-
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expected to be followed by paralysis of three distinct muscular
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Lumbar section of cord of monkey, showing a diffuse infiltration in anterior
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dilation and not due to left ventricular dysfunction, occurs in about one in ten patients treated with
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tion of the arcli^ unsuspected during life. Death from
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cupies twice the number of hours per week for the quarter.
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3 months of pregnancy □ PRECAUTIONS: Appropriate precautions should be taken in prescribing Zorprin for patients who are known to be sensitive to
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instead to follow a self-proclaimed leader blindly.
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affirmatively: First, that the patient was not mentally in a condition to be in
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oxygen inhalation which often become necessarj^ in the latter days.