placing a ceiling on capital interest expenses averaged
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they were. I told him I did. In all I remember three injections
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an advanced stage of Bright's disease. She was generally
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finished picture the impression of a uniform illumination. It is in
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number of small white areas, flat, not projecting above the sur-
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Mrs Harald (Elizabeth) Sommerfeldt of Oslo, Norway, and
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and containiag nearly two gallons of serum. — N. Y. Medical
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Congestive Heart Failure: Rarely, patients, usually receiving a beta blocker have developed heart
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rectal fossa, the upper part of the thigh, and sciatic notch. In direct
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purpuric rash with fever ^ from which he recovered.
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100 in the morning, 120 in the evening. Had a purgative on
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the diaphragm, quadratus lumborum, psoas, colon, spleen, liver, con-
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Case 139. — Male, aged 39 years. First observation: Pulse-pressure, 46.
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bear this in mind, and never allow his patient to become addicted to its
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tiple smears from each stool. He estimates that 60%
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jou. ISTurses have often declared it as phenomenal.
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by supplying ISTaoCOo anhydrous and dried horse serum the chlorides
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sealed off vdth the emanation inside it. Since the emanation at
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etc., and which largely govern the organic processes upon which life
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considerable changes in the urine : from the first dose its quan-
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little girl was in a most lamentable condition. The diseased
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towards the portal fissure, and along it a probe can be passed
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ability or inability of the patient to resist shock, the condition of the tempera-
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Urine — 1025. No albumin. Sugar present. No acetone. Diagnosis — Carcinoma. Medication —
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reference to preventive medicine and the cause, prevention, and cure of diseases. The
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Dr. Fulton read an interesting paper on the " Treatment
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Ross Stanley Lang, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Medicine.
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(1905 a). — Sobre la existencia de spirochetes en la sifilis <Bol. Inst, de suero-
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43 inches. The superficial abdominal veins were enlarged, and
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convinced that we’ve got to give relief to the medical
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tice. One year ago he had removed the left eyeball for what
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if the medical attendant should not discharge them ? I have