carries nourishment to the individual body-cells. Here the amino-

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<Arch. f. path. Anat. [etc.], Berl., v. 30, 2. F., v. 10 (3-4), pp. 471^74. [MS.

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from having over exerted himself while in London. He reminded

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L'avance. d. sc, C.-r., Par. (1876), v. 5, pp. 548-549. [ W"\ W c .]

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the remaining portion of the bone, disarticulating at the right

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1900 a. — Idem: being an account of the various diseases incident to the equine

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• We may need to increase our efficiency and con-

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R3solutions of sympathy with the family of the late Dr

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An animated discussion followed, in which Drs. Parker,

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ence to the subjects, both by paragraph and page ; and there is

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teacher and pupil is this day severed, be sure that a continued

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trol tests are made by placing serum alone in a second tube, and

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dues to entitle them to vote at this meeting. lie explained that

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1903 b.— Toxin of tapeworm. [Abstract of 1901 b, by Charles S. Dollev] <Am.

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In a work on insanity by a lawyer we are naturally curious

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Wauwatosa. Born Sept 10, 1902 in Milwaukee, Doctor King

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These landmarks first appeared in the Saint Bartholomew's

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few hours afterwards ; and also, that when he was apparently

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measured. This enabled, of course, a closer physiological study. Ex-

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" he applied to me May 1st, 1866, and I could hardly credit the

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With regard to its action the author believes that its effect on

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of the body. A great European surgeon, witnessing his operations,

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the peripheral vessels, the blood flows so sluggishly through them that

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Baruch, Simon, M.D., Professor of Hydrotherapy, College of Physicians and

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pain, however, was not in the muscular masses on pressure, as is seen

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Chest enveloped in linen; the nurse is in the act of covering it with flannel