lawyers is one thing, and the duty of the medical man is

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support of his Church, he tried to lay his awful crime on an innocent

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Excellent hospital, strong medical community, hard work while

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shape as to fit accurately the wound. It had a flange on its outer

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tractions of the muscles of the right side of the body and of

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ing with severe paroxysmal pains like those of labor. The

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Dr. R. p. Howard, Chairman of the Committee on Medical

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to these only that the resvilts of this experimental

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after the operation the patient was able to stand, and eleven

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The Fellowship in Pathology, awarded on recommendation of the Department of

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away uncured, and employes dii?charged for unfitness, are the

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Students interested in the teaching of Zoology should see Special Methods 289,

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Lund, Carroll Marion, a, w, sp, Fargo, N.D. A.B. (U. of North Dakota) '27; S.B.

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and vertebrate embryology precede the work in human anatomy.

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favourite with his fellow practitioners, and gained their esteem

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time for a chemically stimulating one has arrived. The intestines

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Dosage: Individualize for maximum beneficial effect.

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which position he held at the time of his death — having been

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1859 b.— Idem <Dublin M. Press (1092), v. 42, Dec. 7, pp. 358-359. [W m .]

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istration Hospital. Board certified by the American

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cal College in Nashville, Tenn in 1961 . His internship,

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4. EDTA chelation therapy for arteriosclerotic heart

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He is markedly aphasic. The urine is high-coloured, specific

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1879 t.— Idem <Bull. Soc. de med. pub., Par., v. 2, pp. 46-58, pi. 1, figs. 1-6.

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use a blood-alcohol level of between .01 and .05 as

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1898 b. — Gale sarcoptique du mouton <Ibidem (29), aout, pp. 461-465, figs.

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the new publication: Update. Update is designed as a series of issue-specific background papers prepared by

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<Deutsche tierarztl. Wchnschr., Hannov., v. 11 (32), S. Aug., p. 303. [W a ,

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iodine, but under such circumstances, suppuration of the cyst is

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students and graduates in the city of Mr. Watson and Mr.

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The year 1849 brought an epidemic of Asiatic cholera.

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