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ance Company, a proviso was inserted, by which one third of

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Crime and Insanity, by Dr. Joseph Workman, Toronto.

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ment of the work, the author does not desire to supercede or

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Margaret M. Kunde, M.D.. Ph.D., Seymour Coman Fellow.

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sticking dutifully to one's vocation. But there are things

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know that the bad drainage in his house, and the damp in his

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pedis and dorsalis hallucis were also emp'y, the latter being

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coccal disease since personnel at public health agen-

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first intention, if the edges of the wound are brought into close

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semencine <Institut, Par. (52), v. 2, lOmai, p. 151.

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who have had angiography, the presence of significant fixed obstructive disease is not incompatible

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An hour spent daily in the out-door department of the hospital

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Case 52. — Female, aged 35 years. Pulse-pressure, 50. First phase, 10.0

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1862 a. — Beitrage zur Lehre von dem Vorkommen des Echinococcus und Cysticercus

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I believe this to have been one of the first cases,

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Asylum for the Insane " ; which report was accepted and

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Donald Putnam Abbott, M.D., Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine.

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The author next considers the number of beds in each ward

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before Soc. de biol., 5 mars] <Ibidem (13), 26 mars, p. 182. [W m .]

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''- be dealt with by direct incision through the median part of the

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The omentum is small, and presents several small firm, reddish

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[See Mendonca. Arthur; Meira. Rubiao; & da Rocha. Pereira, 1904 a.]

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detatched fragments of the bones were afterwards found bjr

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after truth for truth's sake, so that now the marvellous intricacies of

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a large place, such as injuries, concussions, shocks, and wasting dis-

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so critical that M. Verneuil was asked by his pupils to perform

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The little boy became very thin during his illness, and con-

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follicles of their pustular contents, to make uneven parts

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disease has continued its ravages amongst the youthful popula-

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unemployed with physicians giving their professional

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difficulty, but the uterus was full of clots, and bleeding still con-

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group is a satellite of Marshfield Clinic. Starting salary of