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WISCONSIN MEDICAL JOURNAL (ISSN 0043-6542) is the official publication of the State Medical Society of Wisconsin, devoted to the interests
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ence to the subjects, both by paragraph and page ; and there is
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work in excess of the minimum requirement as stated above, during at least three
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cardias of toxic origin, such as occur in exophthal-
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other departments of the Graduate School of Medicine. Credits for individual majors
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the intellectual palates of the Xew-York surgeons : * Poetical Products of Tale College,'
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cating the various regions, both on the anterior and posterior
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bone removed was about J of an inch thick. As the trephine
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attack occur, there has been no cure. This is simply an.
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benefit package including malpractice insurance, health and life
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ration of ovariotomy ; one, cancer of the liver ; and one followed
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The peritoneal cavity contains 4 oz. of turbid, reddish fluid, but
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of all animals, for while other animals destroy that they may
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normal volunteers The average increase was 45% Another investigator tound no increase in di-
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terne or assistants, their histories taken, their va-
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a larger building was erected on the site of the old one. This edifice was destroyed in
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• Top quality, competitively priced insurance products, designed
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disappearance of the costo-iliac concavity, a phenomenon easily dis-
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about medical care, has been revised and is now available to Society physicians. The brochure, prepared by
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with hypertrophy of the heart and general arteriosclerosis. In May,
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and Dr. Roddick went with me —tracheotomy to be performed,
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The following general rules are applicable to advertisements
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When you enter a room, never offer your hand ; if that is to be a
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Terrell, Edward Eugene, s, a, sp, San Marcos, Tex. B.S. (U. of Arizona) '25.
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1865 a. — On the modern treatment of some diseases of the skin, vii + 117 pp. 8°.
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down into the following classes: Class 1 — primary
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became excessively prostrated, as though still suffering from
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with pronounced recovery. Formerly physicians had treated him
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water, and occasional instillations of dilute chlorine water con-
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will be of great value, as it wiU be a microscopic-
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come to institutions for temporary help, where the very same means