physician will draw to himself the love and gratitude of manifold

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Gentlemen, our meeting to-day is a sad one, for sorrow is in

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both men and women, opportunities under the freest possible conditions to carry on

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sure that the tumor had made. The packing was removed after

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nostrils of a glandered horse, when falUng on the slightest sore or chap,

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cent.; second phase, 52.0 per cent.; third phase, fourth phase, 44.0 per cent.

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patients felt to have a relatively good prognosis if

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times separating them in rows, but frequently surrounding

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family physician put him in a private sanatorium and insisted that

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Dr. Yon Heusinger, of Marburg, states that he has met with

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Roy White Bixler, University Recorder and Examiner.

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Consultant in Digestive Diseases, City and Columbus Hospitals; Physician, Mercy

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also obtain knowledge of the general principles of microscopical Anatomy, Paleontology,

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fula. The babe is vaccinated, the virus works, and the family

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brook, Bascom, Michaud, Gibson, Coleman, Mullin, Wheeler,

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out any benefit whatever ; locally, the parts were kept clean and

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The book is illustrated by 12 lithographic plates and some

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desire to study medicine for which profession he had a prefer-

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improved on, and, therefore, I will give it here. The patient should

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New York and Bellevue Hospital Medical College; Attending Neurologist,

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ciate the author's laudable, and we may add highly successful

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cancerous growth has elevated and infiltrated tjie periosteum.

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lief in the efl&ciency of internal administration

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into a wider space. When the distal portion of the vessel becomes

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In addition to the regular University Fellowships mentioned, there are special

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Lately some investigators working with a view to determine the

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back towards the pupil and iris ; often the anterior chamber

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grain, increasing the quantity to a small extent day by day till

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wasted. The patient's general condition is good. No disease

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□ Sodium excretion produced by spironolactone may be decreased in the presence of salicylates. Concomitant administration of other anti-inflammatory

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Much has been written in the tennis medical litera-

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eral surgeon. Located only 40 miles north of Madison and ad-

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fastened in a seat restraint system and children two