would contain four drachms. Aconite is used as an external application."

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difficulty in swallowing food, and soon found that it was rejected

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Association. If you qualify for resident membership at the

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may receive a fair trial at the hands of every medical man, who,

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19, the Visiting Committee reported that it was expedient to

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will be discovered and patients saved from physical infirmities that in-

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sive health care facility has a staff of 35 full time equivalent

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ridibundus). [Read 9 mai] <Ibidem, v. 43, 9. s., v. 3 (16), 15 mai, p. 323.

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at the seat of the fracture. There was riding of the fragments

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cases; 13 failed to demonstrate significant cellular

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and constructed under his supervision ; and it was voted,

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teriol., Parasitenk. [etc.], Jena, 1. Abt., v. 28 (4-5), 9. Aug., pp. 114-125,

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thick, drains that act by capillarity will keep the

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" Hitherto, little or no attention has been paid to Hygiene,

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Tlie BetOSl.— I^^ the recently-published report of the

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and files of all the leading medical journals in English, German, and French. During

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two weeks after the fever disappeared and paralysis set in. We must

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opposite the first bicuspid, and disarticulated at the left condyle.

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cesses. Thus, in the second and third instances mentioned, the

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failure at the periphery, just as would nitroglycerin, which is too

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place ce medicament doit-il occuper dans la therapeutique <Gaz. hebd. d. sc.

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caused it to nearly disappear; but prior to the middle of February, 1904, it re-

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Students from other medical schools may receive credit for work successfully com-

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The above constitutes the chief literature of the subject, and

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discovered in the course of the operation, it is the duty of the surgeon,

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brought to the hospital not because of any trouble with the urinary organs, but

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was painted with the tincture of iodine. After remaining two

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of sugar in the blood of animals, and forms the prelude to one

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Family Practice for sale in Two Rivers, located on Lake

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In one case, a female, aged 38 years, in whom a diagnosis of

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so feeble that he was unable to move from bed, and the vomiting-

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Never pay an unnecessary visit ; if your visits are those of friend-