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On the 30th of June last M. McN., set. 20, bar -tender, was

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it is a useful little work, and we may hope to see it enlarge its

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his father, mother and five brothers and sisters having all died

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stage of cachexia that her life was despaired of. At length

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in Madison, Wisconsin, has opportunities for additional

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the use of digitalis are: — (i) The great variability

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Mrs Dennis (Eleanor) Burden of Oxford, England; four sons,

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Kohl, Martha, s, a, Marshfield, Wis. A.B. (U. of California) '24; S.M. (U. of Wisconsin)

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Erichsen's. In October last the patient had suffered from

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10 Special: Closed malpractice claims against Wiscon-

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1883 o. — Idem. [Secretary's abstract] <Naturaliste, Par., v. 2 (41), an. 5, 31

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long they produced the desired effect. The patient then became

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but revere the memory of one who has so materially aided in the

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cular surface itself is not affected. The articular surface of the

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and Professor Huxley, who " assert that no good is to be got

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Emergency Physicians for free-standing emergency center

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with recurring insomnia or poor sleeping habits; in

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Associate Attending Pediatricians: Drs. Arthur H. Parmelee, Charles K.

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initial medical courses in proper sequence. The work of the third year in Rush Medical