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issue of its efficacy. We report the results of a study
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dislocation was not due to the fall but was produced by his
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minimum doses to children and others as occasion may require.
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standing leadership role in the development of criteria for impairment evaluation,” said AMA Executive
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1897 c— Idem. [Abstract] <Rev. vet., Toulouse, v. 54 [n. s.], v. 22 (4), l er avril,
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1903 b. — Untersuchungen an Coccidium cuniculi. 1. Teil <Arch. f. Protistenk.,
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deeply indebted to him for its establishment and success.
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In my former article I neglected to give what I believe to be
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of 1903 a, by G. Mullie] <Ann. de med. vet., Brux., v. 53 (1), Jan., p. 55.
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ume prepared by him, containing a record of all bequests to
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330 East Lakeside Street (PO Box 1109), Madison, Wisconsin 53701 / Telephone: (608) 257-6781
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(Chorioptes oder Symbiotes spathifer P. Gervais) <Zool. Garten, Frankfurt a.
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as preparation. Mj. Summer, Hoerr; Autumn, Winter, Bartelmez, Hoerr.
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her right ear, was unlawful ; and such conduct by a surgeon constitutes in law an
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10th. — General and special sensation almost completely
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Mount Sinai Hospital, July 21, 1911, with the diagnosis of pyelitis, which had
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Annual Scientific Meeting, “Practical Management of Common
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'Medical and Surgical Cases Occurring in the Practice of the
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from the posterior wound. Part beneath presents a healthy,
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has had no return of the convulsions for nearly two months,
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to determine at what time after injection of tracer
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April 2, 1843. Mr. Kogers was appointed a Committee " to
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visual readings., Ettinger * found the pulse-pressure 13.2 mm.
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ablated by Dr. Charles Mayo, the reporter mounted one of the gas-
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from Marquette University School of Medicine in 1924. His