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interference should not be influenced by the size of the tumour.

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SEPTEMBER 13-15, 1984: Wisconsin Society of Internal Med-

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does not clearly convey the meaning of the author. It often obscures

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mously resolved, " That the meeting be held next year in

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In the case of hA^perthyroidism the fourth point was absent.

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The liver was much enlarged, and very tender extending three

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Collins, Kenneth Heath, sp, Moscow, Idaho. S.B. (U. of Idaho) '22.

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Fuller, of Point St. Charles, to see a case of Railway accident

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cry of the patient is no index of the sufficiency or insufficiency of the

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CIRCULATION. Members of the State Medical Society of Wis-

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graduated from Marquette University School of Medicine in

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and thus break a natural law, by being the cause of his own

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Jane 12,1826, The Committee appointed at the last meet-

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Considerable experience is required to properly apply the

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Sixth observation, after one hour's rest: Pulse-pressure, 34. First phase, 14.7

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remained would disappear in time. Mr. John Wood congratu-

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graphy and the paper are alike excellent. We heartily

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may exist and not be detected during life. Sir James Simpson*

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surrounded by heated bottles. The following was ordered to be

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pp. 603-604. [W a W m . W c .] [See Leger, Louis, 1900 b.]

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intimately adherent to the stomach by a thick layer of firm

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self interest, not from any outside aim however high, but simply

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