been in both imported from without ; in neither did it originate
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ficial pricking. Blood flowed from the incisions, which before
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quirements: (1) Householders who list rooms with the Bureau must agree to rent ex-
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The extent of under-reporting of meningococcal disease
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' reasonable to ask men to listen to lectures in German when
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tion by the Department, be admitted to candidacy for a Master's degree. Admission
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Case 159. — Female, aged 65 years. Pulse-pressure, 45. First phase, 11.1 per
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and in the others, the heart was perfectly healthy. His second
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his widow, Virginia; two sons, William, Madison, and Jay,
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in determining the size and time of the repetition of the dose.
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To produce and maintain surgical anaesthesia it is necessary to
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Franklin Ckambers McLean, Ph.D., M.D., Professor of Medicine.
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Professor Carl Bartels, of Kiel. The author of this paper, we
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and energetic worker in the field of practical medicine.
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that the elements governing the gravity of the prognosis are: In the
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bulbospinal or cerebrospinal sjinptom-complexes. It seems to me
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" A twenty-year-old girl who had suffered over two months from
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tions of rest and of muscular exercise. From the publication
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Bockoven, Harold De Cou, a, w, sp, Plymouth, Ind. B.A. (De Pauw U.) '29.
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rather than excuses. In a book of this kind, abbre-
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recommend the bill for passage to the full Assembly.
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Dr. FuLTOX as Chairman of the Committee on Therapeutics
(383), v. 32, 4. s. (59), v. 5, Nov., p. 643. [ W a , W m .]
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fourth week the temperature came down and strength increased. In
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hospitality was of a kind which appears to be passing away,,
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spirited, and observed that his skin assumed a sallow colour.
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and respected fellow-citizen and colleague, Dr. Robert Lee
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consulting with the four house surgeons, concluded, with them, tliat an immedi-
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ADVERSE REACTIONS: The most common adverse events include dizziness or light-headedness,
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Ludwig Mannheimer Loeb, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine.
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enable the patient to breathe, he divided the thyroid cartilage
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Paul Edwin Wilson, S.B., M.D., Assistant in Otolaryngology.
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many other English and Scotch asylums, although Dr. Bnck-