out. In addition to the controls mentioned, using serum alone and
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201. Invertebrate Zoology I. — Study of representatives of the lower invertebrate
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public health administration, etc. Prerequisite: Bacteriology 301 or equivalent, and
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turning slightly towards the right side, but any attempt at turn-
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surgical operating chair invented by Dr. Henry J. Bigelow,
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examination of the groin will reveal the testis to be
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indicated." This appears to be a most valuable contribution;
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Tijdschr. v. Nederl. Indie, Batav., Deel 43 (6), pp. 813-817. [MS. dated 26
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Second observation, six weeks later: Pulse-pressure, 57. First phase, 43.8
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standing about liability — for the sake of patients, of
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the eye-ball. The paper next proceed to narrate the details of
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in the street, but often when he was at his meals, or in bed.
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cess, hearing loss can extend to frequencies essential
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illustration. With the patient lying upon a table, the sling, well
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inviolate in its form and limitations, from the time of Simon de
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recent article “Role of the Physician Extender in the
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causes death of a patient, 49. Complete set of Hospital
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An animated discussion followed, in which Drs. Parker,
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real and . supposed, it is to impress you with the fearful
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4 Archive de medicine experimentale, 1905, xvi i , 26.
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brought before and passed by its Council, then pre-
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standard of civilization, if they have intellects to be raised to
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but the C. W. factor was greater than the C. S. factor.
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mortem examinations. This very interesting report is followed
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Univ. (ii Roma, v. 5 (3-4), 20 nov., pp. L69 L87, pi. 12. Bgs. 1 9. |W'".|
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ing, a heavy, white crystalline precipitate formed.
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the health of the patient was entirely re-established. — Medical
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pneumonia dying under this regime. Bad experience impelled us to
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Seitzf gives a remarkable series of cases observed in Biermer's
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chiropractic theory of disease and body disorder is
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pain in the left arm and forearm which caused flexion of the forearm.