holiest interests of humanity, and benefiting their race, as those
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large numbers now, so that the available radium is being used in do-
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Catgut in sizes 1, 2, and 4 is bought raw and prepared by the method
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neck, in which the author ligatured both common carotid
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matic, fell asleep in a railway carriage with his face exposed to
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was much benefited thereby. — Jour, de Ther.^ 1877, quoted
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the opportunity for embellishing and improving by walks,
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first refused to accept the Hospital's offer of one thousand
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completely aspirated, and six pints of fluid were removed. The
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1882 h. — Etiologie parasitaire de la cachexie aqueuse des ruminants. [Read 5
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one occupying nearly the whole thickness of the free margin of
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Second observation, one month later: Pulse-pressure, 43. First phase, 58.1
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lesions of any of the organs : Cases 3, 24, 37, 52, and 67.
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A total transverse lesion of the cord in poliomyelitis must be a
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John Joseph Zavertnik, M.D., Clinical Associate in Pediatrics.
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died at 7 130 p. m., eight hours after the operation
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treatment right here." And he told me three months ago that he had
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the walls, no longer able to resist the blood pressure, gradually
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tivities are the potential agencies, acting in the sec-
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The past few days she has remarked weakness of the left thumb and
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bility of the gradual reduction of pressure that is permitted by an
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^closing article is by Senator on diabetes mellitus, and insipidus.
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died of a second attack. It is probable in my first case that
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him on his own beast, to take him to an inn, and pay the good
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of "Ansley" Tank, Roundhill, Bathurst District] <Agric. J., Cape Town,
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and its surrounding parts. When it had been thoroughly
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it is recommended that the student pursue the following courses in introduction : Phys-
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State Street, as were also several subsequent meetings.
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over always deepest at this part. Beyond the ulcer, but in the
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had employed linear scarification as proposed by himself with