these are very instructive. The author remarks on the value
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Nelson, James August, s, a, w, sp, Bigstone City, S.D. B.A. (U. of Minnesota) '26.
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very soon terminate fatally. He become gradually and rapidly
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Aug. 17th. Was doing well since last visit but the boy
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the influence of these, the power of memory is lost, and impressions,
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•of the pulmonary artery in the right lung and lower lobe of the
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Roy White Bixler, University Recorder and Examiner.
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respiration was imperceptible. Thirty drops of a solution of
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the 29 physician-owned liability insurance companies
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on Alterations and Repairs" at the Hospital and Asylum, with
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1865 a. — Idem. [Abstract] <Ann. de med. vet., Brux., v. 14 (3), mars, pp. 150-
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interneships and for practice of medicine. In sections limited to 30 students each.
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as cancer tissue, is subjected to the action of pregnancy serum, or
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cal obstruction I ascribe the oedema and one phase of cell degeneration.
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'' (2) If the question involved be one of purely abstract science,
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more ancient record, and dates back almost to the time of
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Laboratory Tests: Rare, mild to moderate, transient elevations ot enzymes such as alkaline phos-
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cent. ; fourth phase, 46.8 per cent. C. S. : C. W. : : 25.5 : 74.4.
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II. Iodoform acts as a powerful resolvent. It presents an
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1885 g.— Demodiciden <Ibidem, v. 2, pp. 329-330. [W a .]
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201 and 302, or their equivalents, and 2-4 additional majors in the 300-400 group in
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tained between hospital and college, and opportunity is afforded students of studying
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effectiveness and evaluation of long-term safety in these
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author regards chilling of the surface as taking a foremost place
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and freely cauterized the prostate through the slit in the instru-
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Soloff, Louis Alexander, s, a, sp, Philadelphia, Pa. A.B. (U. of Pennsylvania) '26.
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Wells, Rodney Clarke, Jr., s, a w, sp, Marshall town, Iowa. B.A. (Grinnell C.) '28.
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and three years subsequently he is reported to have been in
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and that is, the rapidity with which the disease shows itself in
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Ettinger ^ pointed out that in severe aniemias, when the blood-
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with the exception of 1985, when the meeting will be
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lack of care or to defective ligatures, sutures, or
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There is a paper by Dr. Noeggerath of New York, on what
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Walfred William Swanson, S.M., M.D., Associate Professor of Pediatrics.
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that of the PPOs. Most physicians are familiar with
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of the valves or orifices was found, but simply hypertrophy and
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tor’s interests during the distressful times of mal-
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usual, and some observers have noted distinct varieties of it.
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