increasing exercise tolerance, but confirmation of sustained

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better than another, in fact, the evenness of the en-

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General Hospital. Site for, 10. Defect in title, 11.

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women Aspirin interferes with maternal and infant hemostasis and may lengthen the duration of pregnancy and parturition Aspirin has produced

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seems dedicated to forced and regulated competition

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care has proven to be a teaching technique of great

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of cold water must be chiefly prophylactic, to forestall lethal complica-

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Millar. James. See Cattle, Charles H.; & Millar, James.

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of medical care after receiving the informed consent

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426. Senescence and Rejuvenescence. — Mj. Child. [Not given in 1930-31.]

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now to 41 states that have like laws. However, as we

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resignation before the hospital board, as also that sent in to the

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vene on March 29; the second and third session will

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of the deltoids, especially of the left. There is a reaction of degenera-

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La Crosse, Wl— Orthopedic Surgeon & Otolaryngolo-

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services, under their increased and arduous duties, resulting

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cent, of the pulse-pressure, and the C. S. had the relation to the

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did not influence the patient's recovery in the least. I noticed

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duties of his office, and to request his acceptance of a gold

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ville, Ont., has been appointed apothecary to the Montreal

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urines favoring cast formation in the distal nephron.

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since died, and at the autopsy a stone was found in the bladder

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Abraham B. Rimmerman, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Medicine.

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undiscovered rays act directly upon the various tissues and com-

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acknowledgment of the labor of love and zeal done by Mr.

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purating to apply dry lint again and bind up. If there are

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in the hospital. In the latter epidemic there were eigJit women

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