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undergone the action of the gastro-intestinal ferments, as by direct in-
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• The individual role each physician plays in cost
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Judging from the post-mortem appearance of a case that came
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of Boston, Mass., in this paper the author commends the use of
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expulsion of the placenta, which had been allowed to remain for
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Figure 2— Postoperative chest x-ray film of Patient 1 show-
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To the surgeon at operation the questions arise: Is the tumor
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Inst. . . . comment., v. 2, pt, 1, pp. 142-144. [\Y m .]
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insensibility to pain, even under the most serious surgical
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These results correspond to those obtained hj other writers.
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follows : Work accepted by the department in excess of the minimum requirements as
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ought also to do her good. Her mistress went away during the surmner
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judgment dictated for the welfare of the patient in case of emergency. If a
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Mr. Hans Stevenson ; Treasurer, Mr. Gurd ; Librarian, Mr.
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graduate students. They embrace the chemistry of the cells and tissues, of digestion,
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Mr. Lane does his colostectomy for intestinal stasis in from fifty
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Michael Higgins Ebert, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology.
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tinuing Education Opportunities for Physicians for period March 1, 1984 through August 31, 1984.
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notoriously obscure, the symptoms pointing rather to disease of
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and, as a rule, the hotter the cautery the less pain. The cau-
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The nurse, having drawn the right portion of the compress towards her, in the act of placing
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attached to the skin there was a considerable strain on the
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upon the heart invisibly, but positively, as shown by the pulse. The
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so certify the court, the judge, unless aware of sufficient grounds
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