1880 a.— Idem <Am. Vet. Rev., X. Y.. v. 9 (11), Feb., pp. 470-i72. [W», W m .]

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has always been customary for the Demonstrator to test the

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expenses, exclusive of tuition fees, which are common to all students in the university.

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During the first floorperiod of the ’83-84 legisla-

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1887 b.— Idem <Ann. de med. vet.. Brux.. v. 36 (9-10), sept.-oct.. pp. 533-

diltiazem nifedipine and verapamil

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the Peninsular Journal of Medicine, and we propose to continue our

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there is a cortical abscess in the upper pole, the pelvis being filled with pus.

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vents drainage for a number of days. This permits of the absorption

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spasm Experience in 127 patients N Engl J Med 302 1269-1273. June 5. 1980

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Heart — Situation and sounds normal, pulse 116. Lungs.

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We have received a copy of these transactions -which form a

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figure of the annual fee, that the volume is published by sub-

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but revere the memory of one who has so materially aided in the

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cUmate is the child's scrofulous blood dissolved by want of life-force,

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consequence certainly goes far to justify Mr. Lowell's objec-

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scribably bad. Every one who prescribes the drag should always

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taken. Unfortunately, but little of the argyrol had found its way into the

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wanting. Mr. Browne speaks not only of the Forensic aspect of

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insurance plan sold in Wisconsin. If enacted, the bill

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was less than 15 days; most visit intervals for the

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days from the date of operation, and the patient was discharged

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may be stated here that catg-ut is the only material used in the opera-

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to be prepared for distribution. The Board resolved itself, at

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the parts brought together with silver sutures. This healed up

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ments of Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Pediatrics. This course

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ing the tissues in the neighbourhood of the head of the humerus.

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beta blockers and/or nitrates or who cannot tolerate these

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towards the diaphragm. A pleural purse string suture

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years. 2 p. 1., 40 pp., 1 pi. 12°. London. [W m .]

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of these little vessels, and, thus th<' parts sup-

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ceived from Dr. Henry J. Bigelovv an additional sum of seven-

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rise, from this we are led to look for some other cause, and the