there is considerable swelling above the knee. The surface is
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• Resolution 21 requests the Society to study mem-
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appointed to receive and count the same, and the meeting ad-
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gastro-enterite <Gior. per serv. ai progr. d. patol., Yenezia, v. 6, pp. 375-
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The present generation knows more than the past, and the next
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1881 n. — Sur une nouvelle forme de ver vesiculaire <Rec de med. vet., Par.,
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after which pulsation was scarcely, if at all, perceptible ; and a
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to the lungs, as a result of general nerve exhaustion, which manifests
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1828 a.— Idem. 3. Theil, xii+670 pp. 8°. Halle. [\V m .]
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totally ignoring the fact that health-care providers not
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could use a knife and fork and could comb her hair. She was not
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sensitive for the disease in question, and, at the same
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Case 86. — Male, aged 50 years. Pulse-pressure, 49. First phase, second
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tent with prescribing in all cases some form of " ear drops,"
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cancerous infiltration, diffused along the perineural and endo-
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suspicious : says they are killing hmi. Hands and head are
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Association. Surviving are several nieces and nephews. ■
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death of Dr. Mason Warren. In consequence of that sad event
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1846 b. — Ueber Wiirmer-Aneurysmata. [Abstract of 1846 a] <Repert. d. Thierh. .
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account of the great anatomical changes in the tissues affected ; because
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flabby, and the joint itself was tender, so that she could not
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kind. It was certain, he remarked, that doubt existed as to
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compress, with its flannel cover, is now rolled half-way, and the
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adjoining the College, was established in affiliation with Rush Medical College. In
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Act; and, therefore, the Chiropractic Board does not
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the frequency with which pruritus vulvae is associated with