a very offensive breath, and the air of the room was foul and loath-
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give a big hypodermic of morphine to the patient, who promptly is
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just s\ifficiently firm to prevent leakage, and all
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to the full. I should fail in my duty, however, in these parting
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miferi. 1. Lo " Strongylus pussUlus" Mull, nei polmoni del gatto domestico.
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Surgeon to Out-patients. Office of, established, 64. May
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it requires no mean abihties to fill them satsfactorily and as
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existence of a phlebitis is also evidence in any case from the
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because the frequent absence of the fourth point makes it impossible
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paper and his technic: there is no experimenting and no waste of
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was 5 J inches on the sound side, and 5 J inches on the injured
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existence of a phlebitis is also evidence in any case from the
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to: Frank E Jones, MD, Dept of Surgery, MCW, 8700 West Wiscon-
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work in Zoology to satisfy the requirements of other departments, and those who pro-
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directly from slides prepared in this manner. The technic is as
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The clinical presentation of patients with gas cysts
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Thus, cautiously proceeding, the outcome of the careful, scientific,
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the average middle class citizen. The other 25% re-
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1805 a. ā€” Memoire sur le tournis des moutons <Biblioth. brit., Geneve, Agric.,
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nor any of the ordinarily accepted causes present, and the reader
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rier med., Par., v. 33 (47), 24 nov., p. 420. [W m .]
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successful in getting their sponsored resolution on
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ured, digitalis toxicity was not observed Since there have been isolated reports ot patients with
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only one small patch, about a foot from the end of the ileum, is
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sp. gr. 1019, high-coloured, but containing neither bile pigment,
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the mouth and pharynx, together with the general condition,,
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Phila. (671), v. 47 (21), Nov. 21, p. 570. [W a , W m .]
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univ. d. sc. . . . et arts, Geneve, an. 5, n. sā€ž v. 15 (4), dec., pp. 288-294, pi. 3,
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This was not, however, continued for any great length of time.
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of the condition of the house ; and that the Visiting Committee
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<Atti Accad. Gioenia di sc. nat. in Catania, an. 78, 4. s., v. 14, mem. 6, 36 pp.
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greater than the C. S. factor. The two latter observations were made