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Outliers are atypical cases that have either an ex-


the cost of heat, light, and care, except that in Drexel House (a residence Hall for women)

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case of subhyoid cyst, which had resisted cauterization and the

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in all the fatal cases, both operated and unoperated ; with regard

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fluous to enter into details. During the reading of the paper the

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icine and trauma at the University of California in

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kept of 241 cases to render them available for this purpose.

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group identifications were made at the State Labora-

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dignity. And, in acknowledgment of this splendid gift, and

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of the parotid lasted for some time, and finally disappeared.

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cases. Of the 500 cases in question, 482 were by lithotrity,

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or manner of her death — from convuls'ons. This points to a

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has observed the diffusion of cancer in the inferior dental nerve.

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Third observation, four weeks later: Pulse-pressure, 63. First phase, 19.0 per

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of children the ten-minute cool friction bath of 95° F., reduced dur-

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dition was marked at the second observation. At the first observation

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upon to father; but there it was, a veritable scene from our pages,

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alluded to, and they are of decided benefit when persevered in

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size, so the medical schools were fighting that. We,

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occurs in the poorer districts in the large cities.

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water in which the nurse carelessly bathes the child, &c. As a

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pital, at 10.15 A.M., the patient's foot was examined by four house surgeons, who

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therapy including methods of reconstruction. Each quarter, Tu. and F., 9:00-11:00,

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ber, and trimonthly January to June inclusive. Entered as second-class matter September 26, 1927, at

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which the tube was dilated with the retained secretions, being