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so long. Summer coughs that hang on are always suspicious. The

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Dr. Wiltshire took part in the diseusion which followed ; after

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a variety of the major tranquilizers — phenothiazines,

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tion; he had no care for two days; loss of appetite,

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arterial pulsations. I have noted the following anomalies in persons

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Senckenb. naturf. Gesellsch., Frankf. a. M., v. 27 (2), 15. Oct., pp. 191-236,

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Kamil Schulhof, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine.

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services of dentists, podiatrists, and chiropractors if

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1901 a. — Ankylostomiase. Thesis. 81 pp. 8°. Rio de Janeiro. [W m .]

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kidneys, liver and lungs, the latter interspersed with lobular

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Anamalous palmaris longvis muscle. A, upper belly and origin; B, upper tendon; C, lower belly;

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1874 a. — Uebertragung des Herpes von einem an Herpes und Scabies leidenden

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WISCONSIN MEDICAL JOURNAL (ISSN 0043-6542) is the official publication ot the State Medical Society of Wisconsin, devoted to the

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Ibth. — (Edema of right upper lid diminished. Slight in-

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