at each commencement to that member of the graduating class who passes the highest

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conjunction with Dr. David, which is reported as follows : —

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do so, 61, 62 ; but decline to contract for such service, 62.

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sician, if he or she “accepts assignment” of the

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Megxix. Jeax-Pierre; & Laboulbexe. Jeax-Joseph-Alexaxdre.

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the basis for an elaborate drawing. In order to accustom the eye to

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from the heat, followed by a large wagon and fine pair of horses —

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that he will suffer himself to be inoculated with the virus

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the area with proximal diversion of intestinal con-

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late number of the JLoiidon Lancet.^ was published in the Tribune., as

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• SMS is advocating sliding scale contingency fees

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fourth phase, 30.0 per cent. C. S. : C. W. : : 44 : 56.

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important and interesting meeting that the Association has held

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sulting Group, 759 N Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI 53202. 2tfn/84

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tions 42. He received 2Tir grain of crotalin hypodermically on the

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1905 a. — Ueber entziindliche und infektiose Neubildung und pathologische

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It seems most probable that, given a congenital maldevelopment of

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Tliird observation, three weeks later: Pulse-pressure, 48. First phase, 22.9

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out of town. Dr. Blackader kindly saw the case for me, and

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1863 c. — Ueber die Trichinenkrankheit. [General review] Il)idem (2), pp. 186-

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which had always hitherto been performed gratuitously, had

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stance, (c) Making sheets of metal (or other substances) highly

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Dr. Sayer of New York is in London at present. I am

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evils of hemorrhage. From the fact, moreover, of these adhe-

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Case lxix. — Sacculated aneurism of ascending portion of

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