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P.O. BOX 1109, MADISON, WI 53701 • PHONE 608/257-6781 OR TOLL-FREE 1-800-362-9080
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□ Supervised editing sessions in which you are the editor
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tion. On August 10, the donor of the four hundred dollars
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5. Up to three steroid instillations into the lateral
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1. Malpractice Claims: Medical Malpractice Closed Claims , 1975-1978,
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April 17, 1868. Permisision was granted, on request, to
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Hospital, and asking to be appointed Physician to a depart-
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wise some important point may be overlooked. Again, in
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in the Dispensary. Sec. a, M., Th.; sec. b, Tu., F.; sec. c, W., S., 2:00-4:00. 48 hours.
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equally to the English as to the French-speaking members of
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Right Lung. — Postero-lateral part occupied by a large irre-
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soon become the weapon of the outsider." — Brown-
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General Public Hospital on August 15th. 1877, complaining
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views will be made of those of interest to our readers.]
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Lungs. — Numerous firm, shghtly-elevated nodules, ranging
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tension, Health Sciences Unit, Department of Continuing
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ogy or Bacteriology. Awarded in 1927 to Casper I. Nelson.
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of cerebral palsy of childhood. This lesion is probably basal; and
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a new method of securing the pedicle in ovariotomy. His last
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tions in this disease is not only useless, but unscientific, and may
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landwirthsch. Ztschr., Aarau, v. 30, pp. 1001-1004, 2 figs.
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60° C. (131° F. to 140° F.). The important thing is not to convert
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immediately after this operation the patient can empty his blad-
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been in this position, but I am also glad to move on
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right eye, hemianaesthesia and ovarian hypercesthesia of the
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